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Stout & Rye Sourdough

Posted in Recipes on January 27, 2009 by cbucholz

After a long break, I am finally settling down and returning to my old routines. My time away from school was replete with travel adventures and close friends, but unfortunately little in the way of good bread. With my appetite rearing, my taste buds hankering for a slice of strong sourdough, and my teeth itching to delve into a firm crust, I set about making elaborate plans for all the different loaves I was going to bake. And bake I did, but all of my initial loaves were not quite up to my usual expectations. Sometimes I did not let them rise long enough, eager to stick them in the oven and be blessed with a hot loaf faster. Unfortunately those turned out fairly tasty, but predicatably dense. Others just did not have a that subtle combinations of flavors that truly make a loaf shine. But, yesterday I finally baked a loaf that I can be proud of. My craving for a crusty, light, and flavorful loaf was satisfied.


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Whole-Wheat Hazlenut & Currant Loaf

Posted in Recipes on December 11, 2008 by cbucholz

You can probably already tell that I really like my fruits and nuts. I’ve baked and shared a couple of breads that try to showcase various combinations. Here’s another one: hazelnuts and currants. They provide a pleasant textural contrast to one another, but their distinctive flavors compliment each other nicely. The currants with their small, bursts of dark fruit flavor and the large, orbs of rich whole-hazelnuts harmoniously decorate the crumb of this bread. I stumbled upon the idea for this bread in Jeffrey Hamelman’s Bread. The recipe that follows is similar, but has a few tweaks and variations, as usual.


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Alpine Baguettes

Posted in Recipes on November 25, 2008 by cbucholz

It’s that time of year when the cold has finally sunk in, never quite “warming up” by mid-day. The puddles I see in the morning remain stiffly frozen in the street all throughout the day. The hours of sunlight are short and my walk home in the evening is usually in the dark. A good book, mug of tea, and warm blanket are about the best remedies to this sort of gray city winter weather. And so, I am left to contemplate the sunnier and warmer days. I do this by going for runs at the brightest times of day and dreaming of living somewhere that I could take advantage of the winter weather, skiing or snowshoeing everyday in the invigorating cold. I also tend to bake a lot more, enjoying the warmth of the oven and relaxing in the slower pace and necessary patience required to make a good loaf.

Alpine Baguette 1

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Sourdough Rye with Walnuts

Posted in Recipes on November 8, 2008 by cbucholz

I really like walnuts. Toasted, freshly pried from the shell, or just sinfully by the handful, I’ll take them anyway I can get them. For a while now I’ve been trying to create a walnut sourdough that appropriately showcases these spectacular nuts. The autumn weather, I feel, is appropriate for these heartier, nut-studded loaves. At times, I have felt a bit like the squirrels that I’ve seen scurrying about for the past month, hoarding their stores of acorns for the winter with ever present thoughts of cold winter days.


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Currant Semolina Loaf

Posted in Recipes on October 6, 2008 by cbucholz

Fall is here. I’ve pulled my sweaters off the highest shelf in my closet. I keep a large pot of green tea brewing on the kitchen table throughout most of the day. I purchased a butternut squash from the farmer’s market this past weekend with the thought of a warm kitchen filled with the sweet aroma of it roasting. My boyfriend baked the first pumpkin pie of the season this past weekend. We have about 30 pounds of apples waiting to be turned into apple butter and jarred from our apple picking excursion this weekend. And, most importantly, all my days must end with a warm mug of cinnamon-spiced milk. These are all signs that it is fall and that I am recognizing the rhythms and pleasures of a new season. For this reason, I decided to find an appropriately autumn-ish bread to start off the fall and winter baking season.

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Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Posted in Recipes on September 22, 2008 by cbucholz

With the start of school, my days have become a bit more hectic than the luxuriously lazy ones of this past summer. I have found time to continue to bake bread, but I haven’t been as adventurous, relying on my reliable stand-by recipes to make quickly and with confidence. I have been searching, however, for a good whole wheat sandwich bread recipe that will produce a light crumb and respectable crust to add a good chew to my sandwiches. With that said, I also didn’t want anything too involved. I wanted something simple, relatively quick, and appropriate for a busy week night.

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Semolina Sandwich Loaf

Posted in Recipes on August 31, 2008 by cbucholz

After an extended process of settling back in the Northeast and a long pause in baking bread, I am back, excited to try new recipes and to warm my own kitchen with many fresh loaves. I recently moved into my own apartment after three years of living in college dormitories. Having my own kitchen, making conscious decisions about the source and quality of my food, hosting my friends and loved ones for long, slow meals, and being blessed with my own oven, I am incredibly content with my current situation. As I enter my final school year at the university, I hope to incorporate baking into my weekly routine so that I am never in want of good quality bread.

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Fig and Walnut Bread

Posted in Musings, Recipes on August 16, 2008 by cbucholz

My summer is coming to an end and with it my time in the mountains. When I come to a new place to live I like to warm the kitchen with an oven full of homemade bread, beginning my time there with good food and memories. But, I believe there is something to saying goodbye to a place with a couple of warm loaves, as well. These loaves bring finality to a memorable summer of friends, family, the outdoors, self-reflection, and new experiences. They are the last products of my treasured ritual of baking bread every week. They hold the last energy from my kneading with tanned arms, the last heat from the glorious August sunrays, the last stray ingredients from my cupboard, and the last bites of summer relaxation. So, as my parting farewell to these mountains I love, I baked these loaves filled with gratitude for the time I was given to spend here. I leave tomorrow to return to the east coast. These loaves and the memories they hold will travel with and sustain me through the journey.

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Semolina Sourdough

Posted in Recipes on July 26, 2008 by cbucholz

So I enjoyed experimenting with spelt… What about semolina flour? It was another flour that I had not had much experience with. But, since I was in the innovative mood, I decided to tackle this flour as well. The following post contains what I found about it and a sourdough recipe using a mixture of semolina, whole wheat, and white flours.

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Spelt Sourdough

Posted in Musings, Recipes on July 21, 2008 by cbucholz

Experimenting with spelt is a rather new to me. I’ve always associated it as a heart healthy food, full of fiber and nutrients, but not a flour that I would eagerly incorporate into bread. But, as I was reading Ed Wood’s World Sourdoughs From Antiquity, (an intriguing book with a wealth of information on ancient baking techniques and ingredients) I came across this categorical statement in favor of the grain: “Spelt is, however, a remarkable grain that produces terrific sourdough breads. The flour produces a soft, satiny dough with minimal kneading.” The next logical step after reading that was to go out to the store and purchase myself some spelt flour to test out Wood’s assertion. I also did my homework and read up on the grain. Here is what I found out…


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