About Me

I am currently a college student that spends her time between studying geology, escaping to the mountains, climbing, gardening, and baking bread. For the first three years of college I lived in a dorm. This meant that I had to be creative with my bread baking, carting dough to any available oven I could find and explaining to roommates that the strange looking blob in the glass jar was actually sourdough starter and should not be thrown away. For my last year, however, I will be living in an apartment with my own oven(!) and a hungry boyfriend who is always willing to try my new bread creations.

I attribute my love of baking bread to my mom who always made sure that there was a fresh loaf somewhere in the kitchen. I remember kneading the dough and then letting my mom take over once my little arms got tuckered out. I remember eagerly watching the dough rise, constantly asking my mom whether “it was time,” and slowly learning the value of patience when it comes to good food. And I remember those thick, whole-grain slices with butter and jam in the morning for breakfast. Indeed, making bread with my mom in a warm kitchen is one of my quintessential memories of childhood.

My love for bread really flourished though when I met my boyfriend. An appreciative foodie himself, he is always supportive of my baking and eager to accommodate my hobby. We have developed a mutually beneficial relationship where I bake him bread, he bakes me pies, and we continually support each other in all of our endeavors. A bit of love is always an important ingredient in my recipes.

I started this blog to reflect on my experiences crafting bread and to share them with others. I also believe it is important to help foster a food culture where people are active in the preparation of their meals, can fully appreciate where the ingredients come from, and can feel a deeper connection with the food that nourishes them.

I hope to share with you my thoughts on baking bread and recipes that I have tried and enjoyed. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions or to ask questions.

Thanks for visiting my site!

3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi Claire,
    Re your question on Hamelman’s 5-grain/seed bread. I think a lot of breads like this tend to be on the dry side. I probably did add more liquid in the starter I used. I used considerably more than the recipe called for and I really didn’t measure. Gad how helpful is that. Sorry.
    One of my most difficult lessons to learn is not to add too much flour. I think it really helped the most when I made those really wet doughs – Coccodrillo: Crocodile Bread; Royal Crown Tortano; and most any of the potato breads.
    Some of it was just getting comfortable with the stickiness and then some of it was just resisting the urge to keep adding more flour.
    Also there is one baker who has a very different approach to “kneading” that changed the way I saw the transition of shaggy dough into silky smooth dough and that is Richard Bertinet. He has two books I’m aware of the first being Dough: Simple Contemporary Breads and the second Crust: Bread to Get Your Teeth Into (With DVD). The DVD is excellent. My first thought was it wouldn’t work but it worked as described perfectly. It took me two tries to really get it. I didn’t tell my guy what I was about to do and he came rushing in thinking the house was coming down.
    Feel free to email me if there’s anything I can answer or help with.

  2. Your breads look amazing and I wanted to ask if I may add your blog link to my blog. I try to be courteous and ask. Again your breads are amazing.

    Thank you for sharing!



  3. I love the picture! Makes me smile—big.

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