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Rye Sourdough with Sunflower Seeds

Posted in Recipes on May 5, 2009 by cbucholz

Upon completion of my undergraduate studies, I set about accomplishing several important tasks that had been delayed for too long. Firstly, I went to a local coffee shop that also sells used books. There, I bought myself an au lait and perused the shelves of worn novels, poetry collections, biographies, and short story anthologies for my summer reading … that is, reading material chosen by me and for my own pleasure. It felt sinfully indulgent and positively exquisite. Next, I gave my best friend from high school a call and caught up with her. I found out that she is moving nearby next year and am eagerly anticipating her good company once again. Lastly, I made a comprehensive list of all the breads that I would like to be able to make consistently at a high level of quality. This list turned out to be rather long, varying from the simple classics of baguettes or enormous miches to the more complex fruit and nut loaves or those with beer and wine in the ingredients. I gathered ideas from blog entries that I had read, my library of bread books, and my backlog of bread fantasies that I occasionally daydream about.

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