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Stout & Rye Sourdough

Posted in Recipes on January 27, 2009 by cbucholz

After a long break, I am finally settling down and returning to my old routines. My time away from school was replete with travel adventures and close friends, but unfortunately little in the way of good bread. With my appetite rearing, my taste buds hankering for a slice of strong sourdough, and my teeth itching to delve into a firm crust, I set about making elaborate plans for all the different loaves I was going to bake. And bake I did, but all of my initial loaves were not quite up to my usual expectations. Sometimes I did not let them rise long enough, eager to stick them in the oven and be blessed with a hot loaf faster. Unfortunately those turned out fairly tasty, but predicatably dense. Others just did not have a that subtle combinations of flavors that truly make a loaf shine. But, yesterday I finally baked a loaf that I can be proud of. My craving for a crusty, light, and flavorful loaf was satisfied.


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