And so I begin…

I bake bread for many reasons.

Bread is an art form. Good bread is crafted by hands that care about the process involved, paying attention to how the dough feels and slowly develops. I am proud of what I create and relish in treating each loaf as a piece of art.

Bread takes time. A well-crafted loaf cannot be rushed. This is a lesson that can be applied to all areas of our lives. All good things should be given proper time and attention. Good cooking and food, a cup of coffee with an old friend, a well-written book, and love cannot be rushed. Bread is no different. It demands patience and that I slow the pace of my life down, but it bears vast rewards and pleasures.

Bread allows me to give back to those I love. A loaf shared with friends or given as a gift is one of the greatest joys in life. It is a gesture of devotion and appreciation. I rarely ever bake bread just for myself. I like to spread my love and loaves around.

I believe that beginning with bread is a good rule to live one’s life by. Beginning a day by starting dough to rise for dinner, lends a ritual to my daily routine. Beginning a meal by breaking bread with good friends is a gesture of hospitality and allows the warmth of good food to be communally enjoyed. Breaking my nightly fast with a slice of warm bread spread with jam and butter in the morning, warms the soul and sets me on the right foot to begin my day. Bread should not become secondary or taken for granted.

Here I hope to share my musings on bread from recipes I’ve tried to my thoughts on the bread making process to my encounters with delicious loaves of others. My goals are to share the knowledge I have, but also learn from others and grow as a baker.

And so I begin … of course, with bread.

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